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Welcome to our review in which we shall examine why it is not safe to invest with 3hourly.biz.

Just like Trade Arena 3hourly.biz is a scam since it is an offshore broker.

With this broker, you can deposit a minimum of 0.1 Bitcoin with no ceiling on the maximum.

It has two plans: They claim that in 24 hours you can earn up to 200% of your investment amount, and that in 36 hours you can earn up to 300% of your investment.

3hourly.biz claims that it is fully automated with no human intervention and promises 100% system uptime.

Is it safe to invest with 3hourly.biz

It is definitely not safe to invest with 3hourly.biz. This is a cheap scam that promises extraordinary profits to lure unsuspecting investors.

There are so many redflags the major one being the crazy profits. They have not also disclosed their information like the physical location, the top management of the firm and also their audited accounts to ascertain the extraordinary profits they claim to be making.


We do not recommend this broker. It is evident that 3hourly.biz is a very cheap scam that should be avoided by all means.

Do not allow yourself to be scammed!

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