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Welcome to our review on We will extensively explain why you should not invest in a fraudulent broker just like Mt.cook Financial. started operations in 2019 and are claiming to be a leaderin the industry of cryptocurrency.

The broker is claiming that by investing with them whichever amount you are sure of making a profit of between 93% and 270%. It is only such a naive person that can buy that idea of making such crazy profits within a month. The return in investment is crazily high.

The broker further claims that it has a referral reward system which allows investors to earn up to 7% of the amount deposited from your referrals. This is characteristics of a typical scam which wants to lure investors then disappear with your money.

The physical address not provided, key information like senior managers also missing. Thi is so characteristic of an unregulated company which is likely to disappear with your money any time.

Is it safe to invest with

We cannot recommend for now. The promise of super high return on investment puts it off.

Conclusion is a scam that should be avoided by all means. Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

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