SwiftCoinTrade Review

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Welcome to our review on SwiftCoinTrade.

We will explain why it is a scam just as Easy Line Pro and you should avoid it.

Who is SwiftCoinTrade?

This is a Forex broker registered in Belize.

They provide clients with web-based trading platform ,however, futher trading guidelines are not provided.

From our investigation, we have found out that the company is supposedly licenced and regulated by local International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

In Belize, Forex brokerages have to meet the minimum $500 000 as starting capital. However, a licence by IFSC does not carry the same weight in Forex trading like licence from the NFA that regulates companies in the USA and UK.

This raises a red-flag about legitimacy and compliance of the company to the investors and traders.Furthermore, after deep investigation about the company, we could not find any mention of the firm’s name under the IFCS directory thus confirming to us that the company is a scam.

Is your money safe with SwiftCoinTrade?

Your money is definitely not safe with this broker.

Moreover, we fairly scrutinized the company’s website and found a key disparity point and here is a screenshot for your attention.

Here we clearly have contradicting information about registration of the company hence the company engaging in shady business.

It is not safe to trade or invest in with this broker.

Once you deposit the minimum amount required, we guarantee that you’ll definitely loose it.

This company will make profits from you once you start trading with them.


SwiftCoinTrade is a scam and they will lure you into trading with them just to take your money.

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URL: https://www.swiftcointrade.online

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