Diamond Crypto Exchange Review

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Welcome to our comprehensive review of Diamond Crypto Exchange. We will show you how it is a scam just like ECN Capital.

This broker has three product offering: Forex trading, binary options and bitcoin mining. They claim that profits are returned to investments at every 24 hours from their time of activation. This broker does not charge any transaction fees unless the account has been dormant for long. This is a fact that needs verification using small amounts. Most scams promise high returns and very low or no transaction charges.

Diamond Crypto Exchange assures investors of 100% reimbursement of their money in case of bankruptcy. This is a questionable phenomenon as it cannot be verified. No evidence is available for regulation of this broker.

Diamond Crypto Exchange is assuring investors very stable returns and responsibility of the losses. This is a hard to believe in this industry. whenever there is a promise of high risk free return in this industry it raises questions. This is one of the characteristics of scams whose main aim is to lure investors then defraud them.


We do not recommend Diamond Crypto Exchange. This is a scam that should be avoided by all means. There is no evidence of regulation for this broker. Invest in it at your own risk.

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Website URL : www.diamondcryptoex.com

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