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Welcome to our review on We will explain why this is a ponzi scheme that you should avoid by all means just ECN Capital.

This ponzi scheme claims to have four card investments plans to choose from: PUBG mobileUC, Netflix, uber and amazon cards. There is a promise of delivering the card to one’s address once you sign up. promises a return on investment of 3% per day. This sounds so ridiculous in this industry to get such crazy RoI. This is one of the biggest pointers to this company being a scam.

As much as they claim to be having four different cards, in reality they only have one card. This broker is a joker and would take you on a ride to invest with them then go under with your money.

There is no information on regulation of this company. It is very risky to invest in such companies which are never regulated. More often than not they end up filing for bankruptcy and disappear with your money.

Conclusion. is a Ponzi scheme that you should avoid by all means. It promises crazy returns every 24 hours and the company is not regulated. Invest in this scam at your own risk.

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