Wolkemining.com Review

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Welcome to our review of Wolkemining.com. This broker is a scam similar to Bank-of-tron.com.

Who is Wolkemining.com?

Wolkemining.com is an online investment broker which promises the users high returns. The profits are over a relatively small period of time and the RoI they advertise range from 2% daily to over 3.10% after 24 hours. This is so so characteristic of a fraudulent broker, such profits are so supernatural.

Is Wolkemining.com Legit?

Wolkemining.com is a type of a ponzi scheme and considering the raw statistics of their business model, they are not likely to survive for more than a month. Since they are unregulated and accept cryptocurrency payment methods, it will be hard to track them down or recover the funds.

Secondly, the registration details are not clear from their website. Brokers whose details are not easily available are high risk. As an investor, you should easily get all the information about the broker before you decide to invest.

In addition to the above, there is no evidence of regulation. This makes the broker so untrustworthy. It is very essential that a company is regulated by the industry regulator in area of jurisdiction.


Wolkemining.com is a scam that you should avoid by all means. Lack of registration and regulation information is a red flag to this broker. Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

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