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Welcome to our review on We will show you how it is a scam that you should not invest in just like Easy Line Pro.

Who is is a broker who accepts Perfectmoney , Payeer , Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin , Bitcoin Cash , Dash , Dogecoin e-currencies.

The minimum deposit amount is $0.1, and the maximum is $500000.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1 ~ $5

This broker has a referral program from which you can earn up to 50%. Interestingly, you can join as an affiliate and benefit from the referral commission. There is no deposit is required.

Is it safe to invest in

This is a typical example of high yield investment Program.

It promises the investors a very lucrative profit of 150% in 15 hours. How is this even possible regardless of the kind of softwares and expertise that a firm could have?

Secondly, it claims that one can register to be an affiliate and without any deposit he could earn up to 50% from the referral commission.

In addition to the above, there is no evidence of this firm being licensed. Thi is a red flag since all legit companies must be regulated in the jurisdictions and industries that they operate in.


In view of the above, is a scam that you should avoid b all means. It will definitely lure unsuspecting customers then disappear with their money.

Avoid high yield investment programs in this industry. They use this simple strategy to leap from novice investors.

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