Bitnet workers Review

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Welcome to our review on Bitnet workers. We will exhaustively demonstrate why you should not invest in this broker just like RickGlobal.

Who is Bitnet workers?

Bitnet workers is a registered corporation in the United Kingdom. They offer three tariff plans with different parameters to choose from and returns from 115% to 135% per cycle.

Bitnet workers

Bitnet workers has three investment plans they offer are as below:

Plan 1 3% daily for 45 days Min / max contribution: $ 25 – $ 250000 Deposit is included in the payment Total income – 135% Exit to breakeven over 34 days

Plan 2 125% by 35 calendar days Min / max contribution: $ 10 – $ 250000 Deposit and profit at the end of the term Total income – 125%

Plan 3 0.75% daily on 20 working days Min / max contribution: $ 10 – $ 250000 Deposit at the end of Total income – 115%

Is it safe to invest with Bitnet workers?

By now you are aware that whenever you see a high yield investment program you need to reconsider your decision of investing. These schemes are very good in luring especially the novice investors who want beleive that there can be quick money in this industry.

We cannot recommend this broker for now. Do not allow yourself to be defrauded because of the very lucrative deals which can never be realistic.

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