MaximWealth Review

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Welcome to our review on MaximWealth.

We will explain why this offshore broker is a scam just as EverycMarket .

Moreover, we will give you detailed information about the company and why you should avoid it.

Who is MaximWealth?

This company is quite a low profile online broker but from our thorough investigation, we found very important information about them.

To begin with, this company is unregulated and unlicensed even though they claim to be regulated.

The company is anonymous, they do not provide any information about themselves except a telephone number located in the UK.

Trading available assets include indices, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.


The company is involved in Forex brokerage while it’s funding is through cryptocurrencies.

MaximWealth offers web trading with a minimum deposit of $ 2 000 which is unusual with most licensed and regulated firms.

Is MaximWealth Legit?

The company claims to be a leading Forex broker but in reality, they are just an offshore website without credibility in any way.

The company does not offer MT4 or MT5 trading platforms which is very suspicious about their credibility.

Since the company unregulated and unlicensed, trading with this broker is just a waste of your funds.

They might disappear with your money or may go bankrupt at any time.

Should you invest with MaximWealth?

Once you deposit the minimum amount required, we guarantee you’ll definately lose it.

This broker lacks the ideal requirements of being regulated and open transparency.

This broker is a SCAM that you should avoid by all means.


It very risky to invest with unregulated and unlicensed broker as accountability of your funds won’t be catered for.

MaximWealth is a scam.

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