CCA Courtage review

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Welcome to our review on CCA Courtage. We will explain why it is not safe at all to invest in this fraudulent company just like DCD London and Mutual.

Who is CCA Courtage?

CCA Courtage is a London-based financial services firm, founded in 2014 to provide asset management and financial consultancy services.

Through this broker, they claim you can gain access to comprehensive coverage in all the major global equity markets.

CCA Courtage

This compay offers both Global Custody Services and balanced mutual fund.

Is it safe to invest in CCA Courtage?

It is definitely not safe to invest in this broker because of the following reasons.

This is a Clone of an EEA Authorised firm, a legitimate company registered and regulated in the United Kingdom. Clones like this broker will cold call unsuspecting customers and confuse them with mixture of details from the legitimate organization and lure them to invest with them.

This broker is not registered with FCA. It is very important that a broker is registered by a regulator in the country of operation. Failure to have a company registered by the regulator is an indicator that it is a scam. All financial products offering companies must be registered by FCA in the UK.


CCA Courtage is a scam that you should avoid. Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

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