DCD London and Mutual Review

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Welcome to our review on DCD London and Mutual. This a fraudulent company that you should not invest in just like RoyalStox.

Who is DCD London and Mutual?

This name is a clone of a UK registered company. Fraudsters pose as a legitimately registered company and cold call unsuspecting customers to scam them. This technique has become so rampant in the recent past.

This broker claims to provide a simple, secure online platform that provides access to hundreds of corporate deposit accounts from more than 40 banks and building societies through a single application. It empowers your business to earn more interest income and reduce risk through diversification.

The broker pays 2.1% Instant Access Account and a 2.9% 95 Day Notice Account. To find out more, watch our short video or get in touch with us on 0191 432 6748.

Is it safe to invest in DCD London and Mutual?

It is not safe to invest in DCD London and Mutual due to the fact that it is a clone. With this red flag you should not even think of investing with this broker.

In addition to the above, any company offering financial services ought to be registered by the regulator in the jurisdiction that it operates in. This broker operates in the UK and is not registered by FCA.

Unregistered brokers cannot be trusted as they are likely to alter their key details from time to time. They can file for bankruptcy a any time and go under wit your hard earned money.

Do not allow yourself to be scammed by this fraudulent broker.

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Website URL: www.londonandmutual.co.uk

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