UK Fixed Rate Bonds Review

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Welcome to our in-depth analysis of UK Fixed Rate Bonds. We will explain why you should not invest in this scam just like FX Trade Premium.

Who is UK Fixed Rate Bonds?

The company is located in 10 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7JD​​​​​​​.

The broker claims that investors will earn up to 14% interest on fixed rate bonds paid monthly. It guarantees investment security, upto £85,000 and 100% access to your money.

Is it safe to invest in UK Fixed Rate Bonds?

It is definitely not safe to invest in this fraudulent broker because of the following reasons.

This broker is unregulated. It targets investors majorly from the UK in which there is no proof of registration with FCA. Unregulated brokers are untrustworthy as in most cases they vanish with clients money. It is prudent for a serious investor to verify registration of financial institution before trusting them with your money.

This broker also falls in the category of high yield investment program. With a promise of lucrative interests that are hustle free, they lure customers to invest with them then go under unceremoniously.


This is a scam that you should avoid by all means. Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

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