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Welcome to this review on This a fraudulent company that you should avoid similar to Britishfxfunds.

Overview of

Loan was founded by Chris Wrigh and his team.

The broker was incorporated as LTD company named: “Bright Future Loans, LTD’ on 31st Oct 2019. It is a fairly new company. Its offices are in England and Wales.

You can add new loans starting with $10 and up to $30,000 for a single active loan.
You can have multiple active loans at the same time.

The return on investment is 3% daily indefinitely. quite lucrative right? This is a red flag that leads us to conclude that a broker is a scam. In this industry, such returns can never be guaranteed.

The minimum deposit is $10 with no ceiling on the maximum amount to be invested. The referral commission is 10%.

Is it safe to invest in

It is not safe to invest in Do not allow yourself to be scammed by this broker.

HYIP schemes appear to be so lucrative thus attracting many unsuspecting investors. They unfortunately end up disappearing with clients money unceremoniously.

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