Imperial Investments Limited Review

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Welcome to our review of Imperial Investments Limited Review. This is a scam just like that you should avoid lest you lose your money.

Who is Imperial Investments Limited?

According to the Imperial Investments’ website, it has two founders – Dan Pugh and Scott Wood. Ownership of the company, Investments Imperial Limited, is however split 50/50 between Wood and a Malaysian national named Sze Yin Lie. Both Wood and Miss Lie list their nationality as Malaysian on Companies House. Despite being a co-founder, Pugh doesn’t appear to be a shareholder. The company was incorporated in August 2019.

Given that Pugh is credited as a “co-founder” despite not owning any shares in the company, shows more interest in video gaming than finance.

Overview of Imperial Investments Limited?

Imperial Investments claims to offer a rate of return of 1.4% per day. Elsewhere this is clarified as 350% per year (the discrepancy is due to the rate not compounding and excluding non-trading days). They also claim “to profit whether the market goes up or down”.

The reality is that while anyone can make 1.4% in a day from trading on a good day, nobody consistently makes 1.4% day in day out. Trading shares is a zero sum game and the expected return is zero, minus costs.

If Imperial Investments actually had a magic way to make 350% per year, they would keep it to themselves, and would have no need to break the law or dilute their own returns by soliciting investment over Facebook.

The reason why Imperial Investments hasn’t registered with the FCA and opened a collective fund the legal way, is that in doing so they would have to reveal that their magic formula that produces 350% returns doesn’t exist.

Is it safe to invest in Imperial Investments Limited?

It is definitely not safe to invest in this broker.

The broker is unregulated and promises very high return on investment paid consistently every day regardless on the market patterns.

Invest in this broker at your own risk.

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