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Welcome to our review on Wealthpur.com. we will clearly demonstrate why you should not invest in this fraudulent company just like Theinvestorsdomain.com.

Who is Wealthpur.com?

This is an anonymous financial investment company. No proof of registration and regulation is available from their site. The information available is very scanty drawing us to a conclusion that this is an unregistered offshore company.

This broker promises a return on investment of 300% per day. This is way too unrealistic in any kind of investment. If this was genuine, a workaround of how they are generating the revenue could have been clearly demonstrated. The magical software they use to make this crazy profits is not explicitly explained.

In addition to the above, this broker pays a referral commission of 55%, sounds lucrative right? It does but it is a very cheap way of luring investors to this scheme. Any person should never be lured by such cheap tricks.

Is Wealthpur.com a scam or legit?

Wealthpur.com is a confirmed scam. Keep away from this broker lest you lose all your money.

This broker falls under HYIP. This is so from the very high returns on investment that they are offering. HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan) schemes appear to be so lucrative thus attracting many unsuspecting investors. They unfortunately end up disappearing with clients money unceremoniously.

Unregulated brokers are untrustworthy to deal with. It is a basic requirement that any financial services provider is regulated. No evidence of registration and regulation is available for this broker.

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Website URL: https://wealthpur.com/

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