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Welcome to our review of We will explain why you should not allow yourself to be scammed by this fraudulent company just like Parker Prime.

Who is is a financial company founded to help investors grow money every day. It owns other companies such as crypto mining and other ventures to be able to provide financial strength to the investment firm grand.

The minimum deposit is 5$ and the maximum is $10000.

This broker offers very high returns on investment; 103-115% after 24 hours or 120-130% after 72 hours or 250-400% after 144 hours or 800-1000% after 216 hours. As a rule of the thumb, any promise above 3% return on investment per month is never realistic. For such companies, even if it happens to pay the profits it will for sure be for a limited period of time. It is not sustainable in the long run.

The minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn is $0.01 with no maximum amount.

It also pays a referral commission of between 1 and 7%. This broker does not charge any fee for withdrawal. This is a fact that will need to be tested. We recommend that as an investor, you try by depositing the minimum and withdraw to ascertain that there are no charges.

Is it safe to invest in

It is definitely not safe to invest in this broker.

This broker falls under HYIP. This is so from the very high returns on investment that they are offering. HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan) schemes appear to be so lucrative thus attracting many unsuspecting investors. They unfortunately end up disappearing with clients money unceremoniously.

Stay woke not to be defrauded of your hard earned cash.

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