Lion-Share review – confirmed automated scam

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Welcome to our review of Lion-Share. we will explain why you should avoid this scam by all means just like

Who is Lion-Share?

Lion’s Share is an automated investment program. It is based on an Ethereum smart contract that is working on the blockchain. It means that Lion’s Share is running on autopilot and allegedly cannot be changed.

There are two streams of income: L1 and L2. Both are pyramidal schemes and L1 requires you to refer new investors to Lion’s Share in order to earn money.

The minimum investment to participate in the Lion’s Share’s matrix is 0.04 ether.

Lion-Share promises its investors a return on investment of 15% daily forever. This is totally unrealistic and sustainable. Even a novice trader should not be lured by such crazy profits because in reality they do not exist in any kind of market.

The referral commission is 10%. Once you have joined the broker you must market it for you to make money. It should not be mandatory to be a marketer and recruit people to a broker to continue earning.

Is Lion-Share legit or a scam?

This is a scam that you should avoid by all means.

No matter the technology that Lion’s Share is running on, it is a scam, a Ponzi scheme. It means that new members have to come and deposit money in order for the older members to earn profits.

Ponzi schemes always fail in the end, it is only a matter of time. Some last only for hours or days, some last for years. But they always collapse in the end and a lot of people lose money. Because deposits don’t stay in the system, they are used to pay people in the upline.

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