Iccoin.biz Review

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In this review of iccoin.biz, we will comprehensively explain why you should not be easily lured to invest in this fraudulent company just like Lioncrypto.trade.

Overview of Iccoin.biz.

This broker claims to be one of the top investment companies in the world that offers offer efficient and profitable investment schemes. It prides itself with detailed data analysis by artificial intelligence and the undeniable expertise of professional investors.

Iccoin.biz was launched on 09 August 2020. This is fairly a new company that any serious investor should approach with caution.


The broker has different investment plans whose return range between 0.08% to 0.19% hourly for a a period of 30-100 days. This is a very high rate of return that always raises eyebrows. In this industry such promises of very high rates more often than not turn out to be scams.

Is Iccoin.biz legit or a scam?

This a SCAM that you should avoid by all means. Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

There is no evidence of regulation of this broker. All financial services must be regulated by the regulator in the jurisdictions they are operating in.

Iccoin.biz is an HYIP. Its business is luring people to invest with them by the very high rates of returns which are not even realistic. This is a ponzi scheme that will have many investors put in their money then unceremoniously disappear.

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