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Welcome to our review on We will explicitly explain why you should not allow yourself to be scammed by this fraudulent ponzi scheme just like

Is legit? is an unregulated financial services provider. There i no evidence whatsoever from their website of regulation. It is one of the major requirements for all the financial services providers to be regulated by the regulator in the jurisdiction in which they are operating in. Whenever a firm is not regulated, it is a major red flag that should make you to be extra cautious before investing your money.

This broker has 4 investment plans namely; starter, pre, main and advanced. In all the investment plans, the minimum deposit is $50. The return on investment across these plans ranges between 22% – 41% daily. This rate is too high and so unrealistic. The referral commission is up to 10%. is a ponzi scheme. For a ponzi scheme, the first few investors will make money. They will then spread the word and recruit more people to invest after which the company disappears unceremoniously. All they do is a game of mathematics, once they have gained enough to cover their expenses they just vanish with your money.

Is it safe to invest in

It is definitely not safe to invest in this broker.

This ponzi scheme will just lure investors with the high profits. After making enough money from the unsuspecting investors they run away.

Stay away from unregulated brokers. Also remember when the deal is too good……. do not risk your money with this scammer.

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