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Welcome tour extensive review on We will explain why you should avoid this broker by all means just like

Overview of

This is a metals and cryptocurrency trader based in the United Kingdom. There is evidence of regulation by FCA which is the regulator in the UK. All financial services providers must be regulated. Unregulated brokers are untrustworthy and this is one of the most glaring red flags.

The minimum deposit is $0.5 and the maximum deposit is $100000.

This broker is an HYIP. It promises its investors a minimum of 40% return on investment which may go up to 1000%. HYIP’s are very risky to trade with. They just make their calculations right by ensuring that the first few investors get and are able to withdraw their profits. After getting many investors on board they then vanish with their hard earned money.

Is it safe to invest in

Unregulated brokers are so untrustworthy. Since they are no answerable to any credible body, they are likely to be scrupulous and mismanage investors money. Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

It promises crazy profits whose purpose is to lure unsuspecting investors to risk their money. The first few investors will be paid the crazy profits from part of their money. The satisfied customers will refer more investors to put in their money they before they realize this fraudulent broker will vanish with their money.


It is not safe to invest in this broker.

Do not risk investing your money in this broker, do it at your own risk.

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