Fullhash.cloud Review.

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Welcome to our review on Fullhash.cloud.

We will explain why you should avoid this High Yield Investment programme (HYIP), which is a ponzi scheme just as Hunting-pips.com

Fullhash.cloud Overview.

These cons claim to be a mining platform for cryptocurrency mining.

Their head office in located in London-UK with other firms in Russia, China and UE.

They purport to provide the ability to produce more than 10 cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, zcash etc.


This company claims to offer a payback period on your investment in 3 days and then you can have your net profit.

Moreover the referral program is 15% of all invited partners.

Is Fullhash.cloud Legit?

Definitely NO!!

This is a hyip, and quite a dumb one, not mining. Just look at the simple mistake below and they claim to be located in UK where English is a native language.


In addition, this website is new to the market. They claim to have been in the shadows in the past years but the fact is that this company is new and want to con investors.


Fullhash.cloud is a den of thieves and not a crypto mining platform as they claim.

Once you start investing with them, be assured to be defrauded immediately.

Do not allow yourself to be conned by this HYIP.

Website URL: https://fullhash.cloud

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