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In this review, we will explain why you should stay away from this broker lest you lose your investment. Just like The Investors Domain, is a scam.

Who is

This is a cryptocurrency trading broker operated by CLUB DE COINA LTD company in the UK. Royalcoin claims to be an automated earning platform that is transparent to you as part of the new age investor in the digital market.

The minimum investmet amount i 0.002BTC and the maximum is 100000BTC. Only one account is allowed per ip address unless its a different family member.

This broker pays 0.1% – 0.2% hourly forever (60% instant principal withdraw at any time). Very high rate of return right? Be warned that all high yield investment schemes are scams. Even if there could be favorable reviews from a number of people be advised that it is only a matter of time. Upon getting enough deposits they are likely to disappear with your money.

In this industry no single broker is capable of paying anything more than 3% per month. Moreover, this broker guarantees daily accrual of profits which is exaggerated.

Is it safe to invest in

This broker a scam.

Do not allow yourself to be defrauded because of the promise of the crazy unrealistic profits.

In addition to this broker being an HYIP, there is no evidence of regulation. Being a financial services provider, a broker must be regulated by the regulator where it operates in. Failure to regulation makes them untrustworthy.

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