Atom Global Group LTD Review

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In this review of Atom Global Group LTD, we will comprensively explain why ypou should avoid this scammer just like Dackcapital.

Overview of Atom Global Group LTD

Atom Global Group LTD is an international investment company that invests in IPOs, OTC, ETFs, the US stock market and cryptocurrencies. This broker claims to be continually developing their investment offers to ensure maximum profitability to its investors.

Atom Global Group LTD

Different investment offers are available for everyone starting from $10. Depending on the direction of investment, you can choose any investment plans from the 5 offered packages. Each tariff plan has a different deposit period and types of accruals.

The rate of returns for the various plans is: 106% after 5 days; 1.5% – 1.7% daily for 10 – 15 days (principal return); 4.5% – 5.5% daily for 25 – 35 days (principal included). Sounds very lucrative right? Unfortunately, with extensive research, no broker is able to pay such rates in this industry. This is a major red flag that you should always look out for before investing in any company.

This broker also pays a referral commission of 1%-5%. You have to refer investors for you to earn. This is absurd because your business is just investing and not being a marketer.

Is it safe to invest in Atom Global Group LTD?

It is not safe to invest in this broker.

High yield investment schemes are just a time bomb. The first few clients will earn profits which will be basically part of their money. On collecting more money from unsuspecting investors, this company will just disappear with your money.

In addition to the above, there is no evidence whatsoever of regulation for this investment company. It is paramount that any financial services provider is duly regulated.


This broker is a scam.

Do not allow yourself to be defrauded by unregulated scammers.

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