Dackcapital Review

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Welcome to our review on this dump High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) con just as The Investors Domain.

An overview on Dackcapital.

This con claims to create the future today to their investors by developing ventures and property investment portfolios that make a difference.

Dackcapital purports to be founded in early 2019 but in reality, this con company was began on October 2019 in the UK.

This con has cooked information that is present on their website to lure investors.


They promote 3 investment plans: Basic, Advanced and premium.

The basic plan has a minimum deposit of $10 and maximum deposit of $ 10 000 with a total 144% return rate.

The advanced plan has a minimum deposit of $750 and maximum deposit of $ 25 000 with a total 196% return rate.

The premium plan has a minimum deposit of $2 000 and maximum deposit of $ 50000 with a total 340% return rate.

Is Dackcapital Legit or Scam.

Dackcapital is a honestly a con.

Their website does not rank anywhere as they claim from the number of visitors to their website.


This new baby on the block does not even meet the legitimacy of crypto trading or having your money.

This private firm might change their contact information at anytime and dissapear with your money.

Finally, there is no positive review about their trading or anyone being involved with them.


Dackcapital is a scam.

Do not allow yourself to be defrauded by this baby firm.

Website URL: dackcapital.com

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