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This review will certainly help you avoid being scammed by this fake mining website just as .

An Overview of

This scam operates from London -UK and poses as a multiminer in crypto currencies but in the real sense, this website is just a High end ponzi scheme.

These scammers offer enticing deals including affiliate bonuses on their mining plans.

In addition they also claim to provide a 24/7 hour customer service provision, protected servers, a 5% referral program and instant withdrawals.

Moreover, the minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC and Interest accumulate automatically.

These cons claim to be the highest paying Bitcoin Cloud mining pool 2019.

Is Legit or a scam. is a high end ponzi scheme and not a multiminer as they claim to be.

Once you start mining with them, be assured of being conned in the process.

There have been multiple claims from the past concerning the legitimacy of this company.

Ponzi schemes are known to last for a particular period of time and once they have made enough money from investors, they vanish into thin air.

Conclusion. is fake mining website to cover up their High end ponzi scheme.

Do not try investing with this cons as you will be wasting your funds and energy.

Be wise. Do not let yourself to be defrauded by these thieves.

Website URL:

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