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Welcome to this review in which we will explain why you should not risk your money with This is a fraudulent company just like FXM Traders.

Who is

Luna Investments’ physical address is 30 Trigg Road, Huapai Kumeu 0810 New Zealand. From their site they claim to be legally registered and operating in New Zealand.

This broker assures its investors of a balanced investment strategy to facilitate masterfully combining medium and high yield assets resulting in stable and secure income for their partners.

Investment plans

This broker has three investment plans: 2.1 daily for 20 days (principal return); 2.5 daily for 35 days (principal return); 3.5 daily for 55 days (principal return); 560% after 20 days (principal included); 1600% after 40 days (principal included).

The high rates of return on investment leads us to a conclusion that this is a ponzi scheme. They always lure investors with very appealing profit margins. Upon getting enough clients on board through their referral scheme, they silently go under.

There is no evidence of regulation for this broker. Unregulated broker are so untrustworthy to work with. It is very crucial for all financial services providers to be regulated in the jurisdictions they operate in.

In addition to the above, this broker pays a referral commission of between 1% to 5%.

Is legit or a scam?

Luna investments is a scam.

There is no legitimate business that can comfortably pay such a high rate of return in investment. Invest only the amount that you will be comfortable losing.

Stay away from unregulated brokers. They have a tendency of disappearing quietly with investors’ money.

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