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We will exhaustively explain why you should not risk your money to this broker just like

Who is

USA Forex house is a broker trading in both bitcoin and forex. They use their own robots to carry out their trades.  All trade is made automatic and making profits secondly and they can make more than 100%+ to 1000%+ daily profits Stable. Sounds so lucrative, a fact that normally raises some eyebrows.

This broker mostly trades the Euro and US Dollar but in some cases other currencies when good opportunities become available.

The minimum deposit is $10 while the maximum deposit is $10,000.

Investment plans

This broker offers 11 investment plans as follows: 1.2% Daily For 120 Days , 2.5% Daily For 50 Days , 3.1% Daily For 40 Days , 0.18% Hourly For 720 Hours , 1% Hourly For 120 Hours , 2% Hourly For 60 Hours , 102% After 1 Days , 105% After 3 Days , 110% After 5 Days , 115% After 7 Day , 120% After 10 Days.

Is it safe to invest in

It is definitely not safe to invest in this broker.

HYIP brokers are very risky to invest in. Even if the first few customers get paid the crazy promised profits,it is normally a matter of time. They always look at earning the trust of investors who then deposit great junks after which they disappear.

In addition to that above, there is no evidence of regulation of this broker. Unregulated brokers normally go under unceremoniously with people’s money.

This is a scam that you should not allow to defraud you.

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