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Welcome to our review on We will exhaustively explain why you should not allow yourself to be scammed by this fraudulent company just like AC Capital Partners.

Who is

It is an investment company that actively manages a private fund that invests primarily in forex, crypto currencies and their derivatives. They provide their customers hourly profit accruals.

The minimum investment amount is $1 while the maximum amount is $10,000. offers its investors four investment plans as follows: 0.1% – 5% hourly for 50 days [deposit returned in the end], 1 Day (24 hours) 105%-114% (hourly accruals) 4 Days (96 hours) 125%-170% (hourly accruals 7 Days (168 hours) 150%-250% (hourly accruals). These rates of return on investment sound so lucrative. The only problem is the realization of those crazy profits from this broker.

Is it safe to invest in

It is not safe to invest in this broker.

This is an HYIP programme. Problem with such brokers is they promise very high profits which they cannot consistently pay their investors. They game is normally pay the first few clients and through referrals they get more investors on board after which they vanish. It is always just a matter of time. Do not be cheated by testimonies of a few investors who have been paid. After hitting their target they just disappear with your money.

There is no evidence of regulation for this broker. Keep off unregulated brokers as they cannot be trusted with your investment.

Invest only the amount you are ready to lose with this broker.

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