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Welcome to our review on We will explain why you should stay away from this broker lest you get scammed. It is a fraudulent investment company just like

Overview of

This is a financial investment company started in the year 2006. It promises its investors stable daily income with instant withdrawal. offers four investment plans. The rate of returns ranges between 4% to 10% daily. The minimum deposit is $5 while the maximum deposit is $25000. These rates of return on investment are crazily high. They seem to be very lucrative but as always you need to be very careful with such schemes. They have mastered the art of luring investors then disappearing with their money.

There is no evidence of regulation of this broker. As a rule of the thumb, all financial services providers must be regulated. Unregulated brokers are very untrustworthy to deal with. They have a tendency of breaking the rules because they are not answerable to anybody.

Is it safe to invest in

It is definitely not safe to invest in this broker.

You can only risk with the money that you would be comfortable losing. They guarantee very high profits which will never be realized.

In addition to the above, this broker is unregulated. Keep off unregulated financial investment companies. They are so untrustworthy thus we cannot recommend that you invest even a penny in this company and watch it vanish. is a scam that you should avoid by all means. Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

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