Genesis-vision Review

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Welcome to our review on Genesis-vision. We will descriptively analyze to you why you should avoid this scam just as Air-blockchain.

An overview of Genesis-vision.

This con claims to be a blockchain based web platform for private trust management and is located in the UK.

Basically, this platform is a broker who connects people who want to trade or access an investment landscape with individuals who actually know how to trade.


This broker further claims to share the profit with the investors at the end of a set period.

This is a regular trick that scammers use to lure investors to trade with them.

What this cons do is just simple. They take some money from your investment and send it to you then request you to deposit more to generate more profit !!

When you send them more money, they definitely disappear with your money or explain to you why the trading was not success this time.

Traders can use leverage on Forex, Metals, CFD, Indexes programs only. Maximum leverage level is 1:100.

Is it safe to invest with Genesis-vision?

Do not waste your funds with this broker. You will be scammed in the process.

The more you deposit after the first profit margin, be assured of getting a message that ‘trading was not successful this time.’

Genesis-vision are even trading with unregulated forex companies that can disappear at anytime or become bankrupt.


Genesis-vision is a den of thieves with a structured process of defrauding investors.

Do not fall for their tricks in investing with your hard earned money.

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