Confirmed scam

No Comments is an alleged online-bases platform that mines bitcoin. They claim their mining activities are available to everyone and assures its investors that their services are transparent.

Overview of

Thiscompany promises too generate up to 0.000025 BTC everyday. The broker only accepts bitcoin payment method. They claim that once the deposit has reflected a machine is added to the investors profile which will start mining immediately.

The broker has perfected the art of hiding its dirty tricks. It features a section with fake real-time transactions to lure investors’ in their fraudulent platform. They further claim that they do not have hidden fees and every single purchase is transparent. offers a lucky game which investors can play. The game allows up to three spins for new users. Once an investor upgrades the investment plan, the company promises more spins.

Once you play the game,you will win. The catch is, to access the balance you must deposit funds into your account. The game is used to lure more unsuspecting investors to fall for this scam.

Is it safe to invest in

This broker has not shared any contact information. This is common with scams to hide their contacts so that you dont follow them once they have defrauded you.

There is no evidence of regulation for this broker. Unregulated companies are untrustworthy and they mostly cease to exist once they have achieved their target.

This investment company has five investment plans in which it pays 3% to 5% daily profits. All the plans run for 365 days before you can have access to the money. This is a cheap trick to ensure that they lock all the deposits they get from investors for faster accumulation.


This broker is a scam that you should avoid by all means.

Being unregulated is a major flag that you should always look out for. This broker promises unrealistic profits payable per day but with a glaring catch that you can only access your money after 365 days. No contact information is also available from their site. It is an offshore broker.

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