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Welcome to our review on We will explain why you should not risk losing money to this broker just like

This broker claims to be an asset management company registered in the UK on 3o July 2020. It is a fairly new financial services provider in this industry. This is one of the major reasons why you should be careful before investing here, their systems have not been tested to ascertain the crazy promises they are giving to the investors. Their investment platform was launched a few days ago.

With an investment of any amount from $10 to $100,000 you earn 3%-5% daily on the value of your investment for a term of 10-30 days.

This broker allows multiple accounts from the same Ip address and can be your referral. This is weird as this condition is likely to be abused whereby someone will open severally accounts and be the referrer so as to earn the referral commission. Legitimate business do not allow this by all means.

Is it safe to invest in

It is definitely not safe to invest in this broker.

HYIP schemes are a no go zone. They promise very high profits that are unrealistic. Theirs is just a matter of time, once they reach their target they just disappear with investors’ money. Do not be cheated by the lucrative rates of returns.

There is no evidence of regulation for this broker. Unregulated brokers are very untrustworthy to deal with. They have a tendency of abusing the laid down regulations for the industry that they are operating in.

This broker is so suspicious due to the fact that they allow investors to open multiple accounts and be the referrer. These are dubious brokers that will take you for a ride and disappear with your money.

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Conclusion is a scam that you should avoid by all means. Do not be cheated by the fake high rates of returns.

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