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Welcome to our review on 3x-capital.com. we will explicitly explain why you should not risk losing your money to this broker just like nitro-x.io.

3X Capital is a cloud trading platform that allows you to triple your Bitcoin investment in 160 days. Earn 1.87% daily until you reach 300% in profits. This is a very high return on investment which qualifies this broker to be an HYIP.

It pays to invest more. Those who decide to go in big and invest $10,000, in 160 days you will earn a total of $30,000. Another feature for this platform is instant withdrawals daily! Your withdrawal will allegedly hit your Bitcoin wallet in seconds!

This broker pays a 5% bonus when you withdraw once a week. If you want to withdraw daily, you can do so, but you will incur a 5% fee per each withdrawal. This is a tactic largely employed by scammers to ensure that they lock most investors’ money. It actually makes it easier to accumulate more after which they disappear after reaching the target.


How does 3x-capital.com work?

With Forex trading, 3X Capital trades on the 5 trillion dollars a day Forex market and trades 5 days a week. Through Leverage trading, they generate profits 7 days a week by taking advantage of the markets whether they move up or down. With Automatic trading, they use human traders and AI bots that are conditioned to adapt any market volatility faster than humans.

This broker pays affiliate commission of between 3% to 8% three level commissions.

Is it safe to invest in this broker?

It is definitely not safe to invest in 3x-capital.com.

HYIP schemes are time bombs. They will just lure you to put in your money with a promise of huge profits. They will disappear once they have collected enough money.

This broker is not regulated. Unregulated brokers are untrustworthy and will abuse regulations of the financial industry which should be adhered to to the latter.

For legitimate brokers please click here.


3x-capital.com is a scam.

Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

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