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Welcome to this review on We will take you through why you should not risk your money with this con just like For legitimate brokers please click here.

Who is

Forex Life is allegedly a reliable source of income for private investors, their main activity is aimed at studying the dynamics of the securities market and conducting technical analysis of stock indices. Based on this data, they select the most promising and profitable investment options for their clients.

The main tool of Forex Life is a unique investment strategy developed by a team of highly qualified specialists, which allows you to consistently receive significant profits with minimal risks through diversification of working capital. The company claims to conduct its activities in various areas of business, having previously studied the direction, assessing the risks and probable profit.’s return on investment is 0.3% hourly forever. This is quite lucrative and tempting especially to the newbies in this industry.

Is it safe to invest in this broker? is not legitimate.

This is an HYIP. It has promised very high rate of returns on investment. In this industry any promise above 3% per month is a red flag. It is a timing bomb, they are just collecting investors money and once they hit their target they disappear.

There is no evidence of regulation for this broker.It is prudent that all financial services providers are regulated by the regulator in the jurisdiction they are operating in. Any unregulated broker is so untrustworthy as they are likely to abuse the rules and defraud its investors.

Conclusion is a scam.

Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

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