Rosewoodtrust Review

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Welcome to our review on Rosewoodtrust brand.


If you need a broker that offers a variety of trading assets, RosewoodTrust might be the right choice for you. As they say, you can choose between CFDs, Crypto Pairs, Commodities and Currencies. All of those are major assets so I am pleased to see they have to offer the best things for their clients. After all, they are established long ago, in 1986 so they have a lot of experience in this field. This broker gives you the freedom to choose assets all by yourself which is one of the best thing about it, but if you are unsure about your choices, there is a possibility to consult with them. I have to say, all of this makes them a perfect choice for traders.


Account Types

There is one thing I like to see when I enter the broker’s website — variety of account types. This shows how much they care about their clients, since each broker needs to provide accounts for different trading appetites. RosewoodTrust has numerous options, and I am pleased to see that. If you are considering becoming their client, you will find something that fits your taste, for sure. From minimal deposits, great and flexible leverage, to webinars. They provided something for everyone.

Platform and Execution

First things first, their website looks good. It is simple and neat and you have everything that is important. The most important thing for every trader is an optimised trading platform. I could list you at least ten reasons in one minute about the importance of the platform, but let’s just say it is a place where you do everything, opening, closing and managing market positions. So, it needs to be well-designed, simple, easy to use and most importantly, optimised for every device.

The RosewoodTrust team found the perfect solution for that. They implemented every important tool, but they kept it simple and easy to use. There is nothing that can slow it down, so you can trade without interruptions and make fast transactions. Aside from that, you can trade wherever you want. They optimised it for mobile and smartphone devices, so you can trade from any place on a real-time basis.

Withdrawal Speed

This broker offers you different withdrawal methods. You can choose the one that suits you the most, but keep in mind that it must be the same you used for the deposit. That said, when you open an account and start deciding about a deposit method, look at withdrawal policy as well, just in case. withdrawal process does not require a lot of time. You need to be logged in to your trading account and choose the withdrawals in the Client Area. After that, pick the desired method and the amount and prepare documents for verification. Simple as that. Now you have to wait for the approval process, and once they approve your request, the money will be on your account.

I must mention one thing, the approval process lasts a few business days but the main reason for that is identity verification. This is an excellent thing since RosewoodTrust shows us they keep an eye on our funds so that none fraudulent activity can happen.

When you decide to make a withdrawal, you must provide them with certain documents. They will tell you what papers are required and as soon as you send them, they will start working on your request. Although this slows down the process for a little bit, I must tell you I am glad they implemented this as part of their business. This way we know RosewoodTrust is a legitimate broker.

Support and Assistance

What RosewoodTrust showed us so far is that they know how to do business. But, oftentimes customer support and assistance is the part where brokers fail. Not everyone understands the importance of good support, so they provide just a phone number and it becomes a lottery if you will receive an answer or not.I reach out to them, asking a simple question. They answered within minutes, giving me a proper reply in the most polite way. Another way for contact is email or online form on their website. Whatever you choose, you will receive an answer in the shortest time possible. Lastly, there is a phone number, so if you are not a big fan of chatting, you can call them and try to solve any potential problem that way.

Education and Tools

Usually, we relate education with beginners. If something is completely new, you will find learning material to improve your knowledge, and once you learn everything, that’s it. But things are different in Forex. It doesn’t matter how much you already know, there are things you still need to learn. In trading, education is a never-ending thing that improves your skills and makes you better. That said, in this RosewoodTrust review, we will dedicate time to see whether they work on their Education Center or not, since that can tell us a lot about their professionalism. The first thing they offer is Glossary. If you are not sure what Gross Domestic Products or Margin Fall mean, you can look there, without leaving the website.

How Reliable Is RosewoodTrust?

RosewoodTrust is an established brokerage firm that has existed since 1986. They are trying to attract as many clients as possible by providing you with a unique insight into the market. For starters, they are open and welcoming to all, and they believe that CFD trading is a skill which anyone can learn if they apply dedication and patience. They do that by constantly researching the different ways in which the market works, so they can transfer their knowledge to you. Since the market is always evolving and changing, you should be used to the fast pace of the environment, as well as patient with yourself while acquiring the skills needed to become a trading professional.

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