Tradebase24 Review

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Welcome to our review on Tradebase24.

We will descriptively explain to you why this company is a con and why you should avoid it just like Luxis Trade

Who is Tradebase24?

This Unregulated broker is located at Victoria St, Westminster, London – UK.

This con claims to offer a unique and secure platform to trade the cryptocurrency and Forex markets.

The company further claims to offer better trading conditions, fast speed executions a 24/7 customer support service and flexible accounts to match the investors needs.


In addition, this broker has created a unique investor attraction point thus offering a 200% payout on the initial deposit.

The company does not provide any information on minimum deposit amount required.

Is it safe to trade with Tradebase24?

Definitely NO!!

To begin with, this broker is unregulated therefore the company is not allowed to carry out any trading activity.

Secondly, the company does not provide any information about who runs it which is a usual thing of CON companies.

In addition, the company is very new to the market and the figures presented on there site are to lure customers to trade with them and be scammed in the process.

Tradebase24, this broker has not provided any banking information thus they may go bankrupt any time or change its information.


Tradebase24 is a Scam. Once you deposit any amount with this con company, we assure you that you will lose it.

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