Starkmarkets Review; Cheap Scam

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Welcome to our review on Starkmarkets.

We will descriptively explain to you why this company is a con and why you should avoid it just like Profitcitygold .

Who is Starkmarkets?

This Unregulated broker is located in Sofia, Suhodolska Street, Bulgaria.

It operated by Krisimarks Eood a Company duly incorporated in the Republic of Bulgaria, EU.

This con claims to be a financial services provider that offers more than 70 financial assets as CFDs to traders across the globe.

How cute and cheap of them to believe so!!

In addition, this company purports to have the technological expertise and the vast resources to help investors unleash their potential and take advantage of unparalleled trading experience.

This scam also claims to use a Live Data Feed, 24/6 Customer Service, Customized Analysis Tools and Selection of Trading Accounts.

The company provides four account types to their investors with the minimum deposit being $1,000 and the maximum deposit being $250,000.

Is it safe to trade with Starkmarkets?

Definitely NO!!

To begin with, this broker is unregulated therefore the company is not allowed to carry out any trading activity.

Don’t fall for the cheap tactics presented by this scammer on the various financial assets that they deal with.

Starkmarkets, this broker has not provided any banking information thus they may go bankrupt any time or change its information.


Starkmarkets is a Scam. Once you deposit any amount with this con company, we assure you that you will lose it.

But why do you have to lose your money while you can make good money with a regulated certified company by clicking here.

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