Aussie Trust Review

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Welcome to our review on Aussie Trust.

We will give you exclusive details why you should avoid investing with this scam just as

An overview of Aussie Trust

To begin with, this unregulated broker is located in the UK with communication channels located both in Australia and Sweden.

This con claims to reshape online trading in that the company has developed a powerful and intuitive platform for its investors.

This broker claims to offer up to 200 trading assets including Indices, crypto, stocks, commodities and currencies.

In addition, Aussie Trust purports to offer analysis tools including advanced charts, indicators and real time market data to help investors analyze trends to seize profitable market opportunities.

Aussie Trust

Meanwhile, this scam brags on providing e-books, asset index and glossary for their investors.

The company has pin pointed out four key goals for traders that is; Ultimate Flexibility , Full Market Coverage, Monitor and Modify, Low-cost Trades.

Finally, there are four account types with the minimum deposit being € 250 for the silver account with a leverage of up to 100 while VIP account is designed for invitees only and has a leverage of 400.

Is it safe to invest with Aussie Trust?

NO!! Do not waste your money with this broker.

Being unregulated, your money is not safe with this con. This firm will change their contact details once they have sucked all your money.

Moreover , this company is not transparent. They do not provide any information about who runs the company or their banking information.

They are just basic scammers who are interested in naïve investors to lure them into investing with them.

Actually, it is always advised to invest with trusted and regulated company’s just as GPS Forex and not thieves like Aussie Trust.

Do not fall for the cheap tricks provided on the scammers website page. They are interesting but always think outside the box if you want to invest genuinely and not scared of being conned.


Aussie Trust is a den of thieves who are hungry for your money. Do not allow yourself to be scammed by this CON.

The company is completely anonymous and they are not ready to provide information on who runs the company.

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