Ukbondcompany Review; SCAM

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Welcome to our review on Ukbondcompany.

This unregulated new proclaiming bond offering company is a scam just as UK London Bonds.

An overview of Ukbondcompany

This con is located at 25 Fenchurch Ave Langbourn London EC3M 5AD.

The new company claims to offer returns of up to 14% per annum with a fully-protected, tax-free and high interest rate investment.


The company offers 3 different bond types; short term, medium term and long term options.

The minimum deposit allowed ranges from $10 000 to $25 000 in the 3 bond types and all have different interest rates.

Is it safe to invest with Ukbondcompany?

Definitely NO!! this company is a scam.

To start with, this company is an unregulated financial service provider.

Their is no evidence provided from their website confirming that they are allowed to provide any financial services to the public.

Unregulated companies are always conducting shady business and having an interest for themselves alone on how to make money from the investors.

Moreover, this company website doesn’t rank anywhere among the websites in the world thus meaning they do not have traffic to there site and they have been around for a very short period of time.

This scammers will lure you into investing with them through fake testimonials that they have published on there site.

Ukbondcompany does not provide information about who run’s the company or there banking information. A tactic that all scammers are adapted to.

Finally, this company is just a den of thieves who are hungry for your money.

Once you deposit the minimum amount required, be assured of loosing it .


Ukbondcompany is a scam.

Once the owner of this website makes enough money, be assured that the company will disappear and run away with the money.

Do not allow yourself to be scammed by Ukbondcompany.

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