IQcryptos Review: Scam

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Welcome to our review on IQcryptos.

We will explain why it is a scam that should be avoided by all means.

IQcryptos is a dubious offshore broker just like orionlucrative.

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One of the characteristics of offshore brokers is that they are anonymous and can disappear at any time without any notice whatsoever.

Offshore brokers more often than not, abuse regulations and they are not reliable at all.


It is prudent to look out for key details of a brokerage firm. This confirms its legitimacy and compliance with regulations.

The CEO of the firm’s information should be readily available, the person responsible for day to day running of the brokerage firm, detailed information on their physical contacts among others.

For this company, these details are not available.

When the above information is not available, it raises questions and as an investor you do not have even the slightest idea of who will be handling your hard earned money.

This explains why your funds are not safe with this broker.

Is your money safe with IQcryptos?

Your money is definitely not safe with this broker.

They have withheld key information about themselves which brings us to the conclusion that this is an offshore brokerage firm.

This broker has not provided any banking information thus they may go bankrupt any time.

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Should you invest in IQcryptos?

Once you deposit the minimum amount required , we guarantee that you’ll definitely lose it.

This broker is making money off you and in the most fraudulent ways while not caring about the losses you are making.

Do not fall for the cheap tricks that this CON is using to scam investors.

The $50 minimum deposit and the high leverage and bonuses they claim to have for investors, are to satisfy your mentality to initiate a trading process with them and be scammed in the process.

That is why even their trading conditions are not good.


IQcryptos is a scam

This cons will entice you into trading with them and when you deposit any amount, they will always be calling you to invest more so that you earn more.

Be warned. This firm will take every penny that you have.

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