My crypto Rev Review: Basic Ponzi Scheme!!

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Welcome to our review on My crypto Rev.

This basic Ponzi scheme is the new deal in generating crazy profits in crypto investments just as

Just pay close attention upto the end of this review to find out why you should not invest in this scam.

An overview of My crypto Rev.

To begin with, My Crypto Rev is run by the founder and CEO Conner Robert who owns another company called My Gold Rev.

Information about the CEO cannot be traced anywhere rather than on YouTube videos posted by the company to lure investors.

How can a CEO’s information not exist outside the company? Is this company information scripted?

This begins to show signs of how shady this Ponzi scheme is being executed before disappearing as they are here for a short season.

My Crypto Rev

In addition, the organization states to be comprising of trading experts and the most sophisticated cryptocurrency trading tools to provide higher returns on a daily basis to all our investors.

This con claims to provide daily fixed returns to its investors with a marvelous 4% daily return rate in 200 days.

The headquarters are located in London while the representative offices are in the USA, Hong Kong, South Africa, DRC and various other countries.

Investment plans.

When it comes to products and services being offered by this con, we found out that they do not offer any.

All that you can do as an investor is to join their affiliate program, pay a $100 fee after registration and promote your affiliate membership or invest later.

My Crypto Rev has embraced 3 investment plans:

  • VIP – invest $50,001 to $100,000 to receive 4% Daily for 200 days ($12,000 cap)
  • Platinum – invest $10,001 to $50,000 to receive 3.25% Daily for 175days ($6,000 cap)
  • Gold – invest $100 to $10,000 to receive 2.5% Daily for 150 days ($1,000 cap)

In the affiliate program, you can earn a 12% commission and the residual commissions are paid through a 10% binary compensation structure.

Is it safe to invest with My crypto Rev?

This company is a con. Ponzi schemes always run for a period of time before they disappear with your money.

When we looked deeper to find out if the company is registered, we found out that the company has not been registered both in the UK with the FCA and USA with SEC.

Moreover, the details of the CEO are not available elsewhere rather than on the company’s website only. Is this how company’s operate nowadays?

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The marvelous plan being offered by this company is not legit.

The crazy profits that they claim to offer are to attract investors who are then scammed in the process.

What they do is pretend to be paying the first few customers so as to get referrals. Once they hit their target they just disappear with your money.


My crypto Rev is neither the beginning nor the end of basic Ponzi schemes.

The crazy profits that they promise you to make are to lure you to invest with them.

Once you invest with them be assured that the 800% profits at the end of 200 days is easy when said than what your actual account balance will look like.

Do not allow yourself to be scammed by this thieves.

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