Mixinvest.online Review: HYIP Scam!!

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Welcome to our review on Mixinvest.online.

We will exemplary take you through this high promising HYIP scam just like forexasset-trading.com.

Just pay close attention to the end as we will reveal shocking truth about this con and why you should not invest with them.

Who is Mixinvest.online?

To begin with, this con is an HYIP. These schemes have specialized the art of luring customers with extremely high rates of return on investment.

This company claims to be an investment platform that provides its investors with the opportunity to receive stable dividends from their investments in USD.


Furthermore, Mixinvest.online purports that the main directions for making a profit are investments in cryptocurrency exchanges, exchangers, specialized microcredit services. The use of these areas allows you to profit from the total investment, regardless of asset volatility.

Investment programs/ services

When it comes to retail products/ services that this company provides to its members, they have nothing real to offer to investors.

All you can do is become an affiliate and promote the affiliate membership plan and once you are an affiliate member, you can invest and earn some returns in a way that is cheeky in order to make money.

They have put in place a 5-2-1 referral program for investors.

Mixinvest.online Compensation plan

The firm has established a 5 plan program for investors with a cumulative 125% profit all differing in the investment period.

  • Start investment with a $5 minimum deposit and $50 maximum deposit for 35 days.
  • Invest program with a $51 minimum deposit and $100 maximum deposit for 30 days.
  • Profi investment with a $101 minimum deposit and $250 maximum deposit for 25 days.
  • Silver investment with a $251 minimum deposit and a maximum deposit of $500 for 20 days.
  • Gold investment with a $501 minimum deposit and a maximum deposit of $1000 for 15 days.

Is Mixinvest.online legit or a scam?

To be honest, this lucrative promising HYIP is a scam.

What they do is pretend to be paying the first few customers so as to get referrals. Once they hit their target they just disappear with your money.

HYIP schemes cannot be trusted. They often lure investors to put in their money then vanish with it once their target has been reached.

In addition, there is no evidence of regulation for this broker. They do not present any certificate of being regulated to conduct any business.

Unregulated brokers can never be trusted as they are fond of breaking regulations.

They always disappear to thin air since they are not answerable to any watchdog.

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Mixinvest.online is a con.

They are using a cheap trick of luring investors with crazy profits.

Whenever a broker is not regulated do not be tempted to put in your money however lucrative the deal may seem to be.

Unregulated brokers are high risk ventures to even think of investing your money in.

Do not allow yourself to be scammed.

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