Proinvestorex Review:

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Our review on Proinvestorex will provide a general overview on who they are, the type of investment plan they provide and whether or not they can be trusted in forex trading.

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Who is Proinvestorex

In the meantime, Proinvestorex was registered on August 2020 under Ben A Cooper LTD company with the aim of being a managerial consultancy activities other than financial management.

Being an HYIP scheme, and young in the forex market, the firm has not yet established strong grounds to be not only involved in the forex market but also engage investors with good money without being scammed.


The company says to be located at 12 Larkspur Close, Taunton, Inggris, TA1 3XA , London, United Kingdom.

When you look up for the address, it points you to Ben A Cooper LTD company which is run by Benjamin Ashby Cooper.

How interesting!! This raises serious questions on why does a Forex company refer you to another company. Is this company a clone of the other?

Nowadays, HYIP schemes do not stay in the market for long.

Once they hit there target profit they disappear with your money without notice and that’s why they cannot acquire a new license thus prefer using a license of another company to con investors.

Investment plan

The company has placed lucrative and quick money making plan to lure investors to trade with them.

They have a 5 investment crazy plan with 1000% profit on your investment level.

Investment planMinimum depositMaximum depositInvestment Period
100%$20$1993 days
200%$200$9992 days
300%$1000$499924 hours
500%$5000$999912 hours
1000%$10 000$100 0006 hours

Furthermore, they also promote an affiliate referral program where investors can refer friends without having an initial deposit.

The 5%-2%-1% referral commission is for you to earn more through the program.

Is Proinvestorex legit or a Scam?

To be honest, just like this company is a scam.

HYIP schemes cannot be trusted. They often lure investors to put in their money then vanish with it once their target has been reached.

The crazy profits promised by this con are to good to be true.

Just look at the 1000% profit plan in just 6 hours. The owner of this website should by now be a billionaire rather than chasing easy money through Ponzi schemes like this!!

When we did the background check and realized that they use a license of another company to operate we knew that this con is here for a short period of time.

Furthermore, they do not provide any banking details or any reviews from clients who have made thousands of dollars in just 6 hours.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Proinvestorex accepts deposits and withdrawals from major processors.

That said, they do not disclose any information whether their is a commission that is paid when withdrawing your funds.


Proinvestorex is a scam.

This con is using cheap tricks of luring clients through setting lucrative investment plans that are too good to be true.

Do not allow yourself to be scammed by this HYIP scheme. Better keep your money pal!

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