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Don’t you love to see a broker whose modern design raises all expectations on another level? We do, actually. That’s why London-Gates caught our attention. At first, we liked the design and it seemed like this Forex broker had a lot of things to offer. Well, it turned out that is the last thing on our list because this broker showed impeccable service on many other fields.

Of course, we have to talk about the design for a bit, now that we mentioned it. London-Gates team managed to create a unique and responsive website, which will satisfy even the most delicate clients. Everything you need is just one click away. 

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From the landing page, you can access the platform, see what assets are at disposal, get in touch with them, etc. This is one appealing website and that is the thing that attracted us to come and visit it. But what made us stay here? You’ll see in the rest of this London-Gates review.

Account Type Selection

We assume that each person is interested in the selection of account types. After all, you need different options for every level of experience. We are happy to tell you there are five options and the main difference is the minimum deposit requirement. It goes from $250 to $250,000 and you can choose depending on your trading appetite.

We won’t go into details, because London-Gates is a very transparent Forex broker and you can find every information on the website. What we need to emphasize is that no matter the account, you can trade with over 200 assets from different classes (Indices, Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities). Also, there is flexible leverage and depending on an account you can have up to 1:100 (for Self-Managed) or 1:400 (for Honors account).

As you can see, trading conditions are excellent. As a client, you will be able to access different webinars and events and you can even choose a Wealth Management account that will be completely custom-tailored according to your needs. Options are endless here and we believe that now you understand what made London-Gates our number one choice.

Trading Platform

If you are satisfied with the account type selection and you wish to open an account and start trading here, it’s time to familiarize you with the trading platform. You will be spending a lot of time here, so you have to know how to navigate through it.

If you are worried about whether you will be able to manage it all by yourself, you can put those worries aside. Although this is a unique platform, it’s completely user-friendly and even if you are here for the first time, it will be easy to find all the necessary information.

The main reason for this is the organisation. London-Gates trading platform is divided into three parts and each of them is equally important to clients. The first one is dedicated for account management and you won’t have to leave the platform in order to make deposit, withdrawal or contact support. Everything is in one place. A second part is a place for all tradable assets. There is a list of all of them, but you can choose the desired class and arrange a list that’s suitable for you (according to the daily changes, popularity, etc.). 

Lastly, the biggest part of the screen is for an asset chart. Once you choose the asset you want, there is a possibility to customise chart according to your preferences. Every detail is prone to change and trust us when we say, you will have a lot of fun doing that.

That said, if you are looking for a unique platform that can be used on every device, London-Gates is the right place for you.

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The Service Quality

Now, we want to reflect on other parts of the service such as customer support and transaction methods, to complete our story about this broker.

Responsive customer support is extremely important in the Forex market. Each broker needs to have a team of customer representatives who will be at client’s disposal all the time. This broker certainly knows that and that’s why you can find different contact methods on the website. From phone numbers and email to Live Chat. Every option is available.

Since the responsiveness is excellent no matter the contact method, you can choose the one that is the most convenient for you. Either way, someone will respond to you very soon.

When it comes to transaction methods, you have a possibility to choose between Credit Cards, Wire Transfer and eWallet. This is more than enough if you ask us, and the best thing of all — there aren’t any deposit fees. Just keep in mind that you need to withdraw funds using the same method you used to deposit. That’s the only requirement.


Needless to say, London-Gates is a broker we can recommend to everyone. No matter the level of experience, you will find a proper account and someone will always be there to guide you through your Forex journey.

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