Commercial Finance Brokers LTD Review

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Commercial Finance Brokers LTD is a clone firm operating in the United Kingdom.

It disguises itself as a legitimate firm whereas it is not.

Stay away from this scammer just like Charter Savings Bank lest you lose all your investment in the name of trying to grow your wealth.

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Who is Commercial Finance Brokers LTD?

Commercial Finance Brokers LTD is an offshore unregulated broker.

Being an unregulated Investment Company they are not reliable and often abuse trading regulations. Make sure to stay away from this Investment Company as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice.

This broker has also provided fake testimonials to support its registration and regulation status. Always check with FCA for investment companies purporting to operate from the UK.

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Are Funds Safe with Commercial Finance Brokers LTD?

This broker being unregulated raises a lot of questions about a client’s money being safe with them. It is not trustworthy at all to deal with unregulated brokers since they are likely to abuse the trading regulations.

In addition to the above, this broker is a clone. It is disguising as a legitimate company that it is not to swindle money from unsuspecting investors. It is riding on the positive reputation of a legitimate trading company in the UK so as to steal from customers.

Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated Investment Companies. They can easily do silly things because they are sure they are not answerable to any watchdog which may go after them.

This  is withholding vital information about who is running this company. The Company moreover could go bankrupt from one day to another as there is no banking information about the investment company.

Keep off this fake trading company lest you get defrauded.

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