Ventera Group Review

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Ventera Group is an offshore broker claiming they can make Forex trading easy. Needless to say, they are creating unrealistic expectations, for FX market is generally considered challenging endeavour.

Ventera Group

They are allegedly headquartered in the UK, meaning they need an FCA authorisation to sell Forex products and services.

This broker is a scam just like SotFX.

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Overview of Ventera Group

Ventera Group lists a London address, but they also claim it’s a trading name of Lexis Solutions Ltd, a Dominican company.

The Dominican is infamous for the lack of competent regulation, and the local financial authority doesn’t even license the Forex brokers based there. That’s a problem for traders because the lack of regulation makes these companies dangerous to invest in.

They accept European clients like ourselves, so given the UK address, we researched the British authority register but found nothing about them. Your funds are not safe if you deposit with Ventera Group because it’s an offshore broker illegally operating on regulated markets.

Unregulated entities such as Ventera Group may vanish at any moment without notice, leaving traders and investors with losses almost impossible to recover. The lack of regulation makes offshore jurisdictions such as Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Marshall Islands attractive for dodgy companies. It’s not surprising that these countries are bustling with scammers.

Ventera Group provides its clients with MetaTrader4 and Sirix. MT4 is miles ahead, but Ventera Group is a shady offshore broker so we don’t recommend either of their platforms. However, we had a closer look at Sirix to see it’s an offensive platform challenging to use. There are too many flashy components and occasionally pop-ups appearing, which is annoying. 

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Ventera Group is a scam.

They are using a cheap trick of luring investors with crazy profits. Whenever a broker is not regulated do not be tempted to put in your money however lucrative the deal may seem to be.

Unregulated brokers are high risk ventures to even think of investing your money in. They are not answerable to any watchdog incase of any misappropriation of investors’ money. All financial services providers must be regulated by the regulator in which they are operating in.

We cannot recommend this broker for now, this is a time bomb and for sure they will scam you!

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