22Investors.com Review: The Best Asset Management Broker

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22Investors.com is the best asset Managment I have come across this year so far.

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This firm boasts of 22 traders who have a combined experience of over 40 years hence the name 22 investors(22Investors.com).


From the onset, their website is professionally done, a key thing that many firms overlook, this boosts the client confidence to buy a service.

I did a rigorous investigation on this asset manager and I can authoritatively say it is the BEST so far.

22Investors.com Review

22Investors.com has over 1 million investors from all over the world, they have earned the trust of many from different parts of thee world. I wanted to verify this fact which prompted me to open an account with them and have a feel of their services.

To start with, the process of opening an account was so simple and direct. The only details required are: name, email and phone number. Isn’t that simple?

I want ahead to subscribe to their smallest package which is €1000. I transferred the money conveniently from my bitcoin wallet to their address then sat back to watch how thy do their thing. True to their word, I saw my money grow every 24 hours.

The catch is always on the withdrawal bit, after a week I decided to give them the litmus test by withdrawing the profit plus part of my initial investment, to my surprise the funds were in my BTC wallet within minutes.

Investment Packages

There are three investment packages as shown below. Thee standard package whose investment amount is €3000 is the most popular for you to realize some reasonable Return on your Investment.

22 Investors

It is common knowledge though that investors would want to test the functionality of any system before substantially investing. The availability of the smallest package of €1000 makes this a reality.

A profit of up to 15.2% peer month is guaranteed by this broker. From my personal experience, this is very realistic and doable.

Withdrawals and Charges

Unlike other brokers in the industry, withdrawals can be anytime. They are automatic, do not require admin intervention.

22Investors.com do not charge any withdrawal fee.

The trading fee for this broker is 8% plus 5% Annual Management Fee – prorated daily over 365 days. This fee is applied on the net profit.

Our Conclusion

22Investors.com proves to be the best asset Managment broker so far.

With experienced traders, you are assured of risk free investment.

If you are serious about growing your wealth stress-free, shoot an email to them on [email protected] or sign up today.

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